Individualized SOC Approach

Johnson Risk Advisory's Individualized SOC Approach - Our promise to engage on one client at a time.

We specialize in convenience and focus solely on and in close partnership with clients to provide readiness that brings an immediate positive impact to their competitive advantage, efficiency and profitability.  This is accomplished by assigning your readiness assessment to a decided advisor that will solely focus on the completion of your readiness efforts through completion.

Our readiness process begins with obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your organization to perform informed examinations by identifying sources of risk and understanding processes and procedures implemented to address those risks.  Our advisors will provide guidance internal control improvements to facilitate the successful achievement of meeting SOC certification, based on years of internal and external SOC evaluation experience collected by our team. 

Partnership with our company results in efficient, cost-effective paths to compliance that minimizes interference with your organization’s day-to-day operation and meets the timeliness needs that your company deserves.


Our strategies and systems for managing risk allow for clients to thrive in today’s competitive environment and enable your organization to achieve SOC compliance, so you can deliver compliance reports to prospective or current customers, demonstrate confidence in the business relationship, and secure the deal. 

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